Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mistress of The Rings

She's cute, but I think she is too young for me.  Probably too high maintenance or expensive as well.  She is obsessed with rings.  The shiny rocks of female dreams and checking account destroyers of men.

Click on the shiny....

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

So Mad is Watching The News Channels on The Latest School Shooting

I stopped counting the number of media people who asked "What causes this?"  And "How can we stop this?".

Like they've only had decades to ponder the issue.

Mass Murder happens in Gun Free Zones.  When it is commonly known that schools have no security people on hand they invite the whackjobs.

How can a school justify paying multiple  people 6 figure salaries, call them administrators and define their job description as mostly bringing in the doughnuts, then not be willing to pay much less to have some armed people on hand at tactical locations to put down punks who show up to kill students and teachers.  Plus it is job creation.

Today at least 17 people were killed at the school.  If security people were on hand it would have been much much fewer and probably zero because the whackjob would have known there were armed people there and would not even hatched the plan in his diseased brain in the first place.

The Mayor was on TV multiple times.  She sounds like she has about a 5th grade education.

I'm going to stop here because talking about anything else I saw and heard about this would cause it to devolve into unspeakable absurdity.

Friday, February 9, 2018

I've Been Watching This Country and This World in Earnest Since the 1960's

I see no reason to be optimistic about a turnaround.

I expect an escalation of Evil, Ignorance, and Suicidal Absurdity.

Will good rise to the occasion?
How can the dude eat without the crap shooting out either side of this mouth.
How can a person's brain get this fucked up?
This is not photoshop.  Just search images for body modification.

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Bubble Nebula's Ever Changing Story

The Bubble Nebula, possibly being assaulted from the right by a giant molecular cloud which appear to be female, in fact two females (at least), both Scorpio and Gemini astrologically.  Beautiful, Dangerous, and High Maintenance all at the same time, Mr Bubble will need to keep his focus to remain undaunted by these femme fatales.

Is the bubble trying to flee this formidable feline force, or is it about to embark on a retaliation of its own?  It seems the jury is out.

I see many other entities and personalities in the surrounding whisps and objects contained within the frame.

I wish I'd have painted this.

Do I really need to say Click the Pic .

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Tadpoles in Space

So, I've got this head cold now for a few days.  Ribs and sides aching either from hacking and coughing or laughing at the democrat's intense display of emotion over a memo which they claim is totally meaningless.  I hope I never have a stroke over something meaningless.  That would be depressing.

Well, without further ado, here are the Tadpoles in space.  No doubt inhabited by trillions of different life forms across trillions of different planets contained within.

Click on the Tadpoles or forever be exiled to American media - a fate worse than death and servitude to the clinton foundation.  And what of Marc Mezvinsky... Actually Married to Horseface Clinton and who impregnated the beast besides and is now with child.  In a situation where the clinton crime family has no more influence to sell and is now a worthless enterprise.  Geeezix.  I've screwed up some but never this bad.

Anyway, Back to the good stuff.  I love the colors of the Tadpoles don't you?   Click for a huge image to explore and read the description of.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Even More Breaking News

Military Times 

Breaking!  Army to replace majority of soldiers with transgender females.  

While undergoing the necessary surgical and hormonal treatments, DNA from Rosie O'Donnell, Joy Reid, and Kathy Griffin will be added.

4 Star Transgender General Duke "Katherine Scrappy Kitty"  Abrams tells us these will be the toughest meanest trannies to ever to hit the battlefield.  If they run out of bullets they'll be pulling hair, kicking shins, taking names, and threatening to move to another country.  Never mind she is in an Air Force uniform.  She doesn't like green, she likes blue.

Breaking News - 50,000 Lost text messages between FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have been found and published by Wikileaks.  
Given that 50,000 text message over the course of 5 months amounts to 333 text messages per day on average, we found, as we expected, that many of the texts were made while Peter and Lisa were cheating on their respective spouses and having illicit sex with each other.  Some of the texts:   
Text Arrival tones are added for full effect.
Ding - Ooh Lisa it's been 10 minutes since we feasted on each other!,  Ding - Oh Peter take me now!,  Ding - Ooohh Yes!,  Ding - Aahhhhhhh, Ding - No Don't Stop You Silly Monkey!, Ding - I won't stop my fluffy bunny !, Ding - AhhAHhAhhAhhhh OoohOohhOhhh, Ding - Don't move now my beautiful wingless hen ! Ding - Take me now my Tiger.  Ding - I will take you and spank you just like I will spank that nasty Donald Trump the next time I see him.  Ding - Oh, you're making me so hot with your anti-Trump texts !! Oooh Ooooh OooOOOOOoooooh... (Moaning, groaning, and anti-Trump profanity for the next several hours.)

Breaking !  Chuck Schumer has managed to piss everyone off.  

The Dreamers have begun protesting at his house, the democrats are pissed that he caved and the rest of us have always regarded him as an asshole.

He can't stop crying now.  Nor will he be able to get any sleep.
I love me some Donald J Trump !

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Vincent Van Gogh Is Painting Clouds in Space.

I wondered what he was up to.

Click the picture then click again at the APOD site to get a high resolution version to explore in minute detail, or suffer the pangs of a blind date with Diane Feinstein.

Friday, January 19, 2018

In The News in The Year Of Our Lord 2018 on January 19th

Pentagon says that now that IS IS is now Was Was, we are focusing on the Russians and the Chinese.

James Mattis tells us that the Russins have excellent vodka and hookers and the
Chinese make an excellent hangover cure called Dim Sum.

Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig says there’s still a scenario in which Hillary Clinton becomes president.  This is the kind of shit your kid is going into debt 100 grand to listen to.

A candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination himself, Mr. Lessig envisioned a 
scenario in which President Trump resigns or is impeached due to even the slightest Russia collusion connection to his campaign, then Vice President Mike Pence 
resigns or is impeached, and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan — who would be next 
in line — nominates Mrs. Clinton to be his vice president, and then steps aside to let her have the job.

If that isn't enough to prove the mental retardation of this Harvard professor, let's recognize that everyone on the face of the Earth is well aware of the rock solid evidence
of the clinton collusion with Russia in the 2016 campaign.
As well - let's realize that when democrats are squawking about Trump's potential physical health issues, we all know that security/medical people are dragging the clinton beast up steps or picking her up to toss her into her van to head to the next destination - probably Walmart 
for a few more cases of adult diapers.

Democrats fail in impeachment bid hours before shutdown.

A smallish collection of racist and insane democrat congresspersons has once again failed to get any support for initiating impeachment proceedings on the greatest president America has known in over 100 years.  They now demand cookies, ice cream, coloring books, play-doh and counselors to help them through this latest crisis.

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland thanks donors, Jesus for buying him a private jet.

Who in the hell sends a televangelist money.  Who? 
Folks, kneel beside your bed at night and thank God for all you have, then pray for what you don't and keep your money.

MLB players balk at proposed 18 minute pitch clock.

Major League pitchers are balking at a time restriction on when they must throw the next pitch.
Mets pitcher Mohammed Ali Achmed, El Newark complains "This is hardly enough time to give my nuts a good scratch and extract more camel fleas 
from my beard before I must throw ball again .  Praise be to allah".

Nana Pelosi calls GOP budget bill Doggy Doo.  Your last 2 heartbeats away from the Oval Office contender.

 Nana Pelosi, determined to avoid having anyone think she might be sane has gone off 
into another meaningless rant about things she knows nothing about.
In a related story from across the pond, UK;s Tory MP's apparently have little problem sending their secretaries out to shop for sex toys and have their MP's describe their breasts as 'sugar tits' without consequence..
"Oh how I wish we could do that here in America" exclaimed Nancy Pelosi.

New Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Thingamabob, Mr Mulvaney has sent in a SHOCKING budget request for 2018.

They are requesting $0.00.

Lots of Sports News !

Who gives a shit.

Trump to meet with British Prime Minister at Swiss Conference.

Big Sex Romp planned at secret Swiss Hotel.  Theresa May hopes President Trump will bring sex toys and give her a 
rousing spanking with a copy of the latest Forbes magazine.

Trump Travel cost taxpayers 13 million over the last year says watchkitty group.

At 13 mil a year that's about 104 million over 8 years.  Over 800 million less than the obama's spent on travel.  But don't let that derail your hate for Trump and "rich people".

Afghanistan tells USA  'Don't get your camels upset over a government shutdown.  We shutdown our government 16 years ago and it's still no big deal.

Self-explanatory (And stolen from Duffel Blog)

Yea, that convicted traitor bradley manning is running for Senate somewhere.

What will tomorrow's news bring?